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Domain Registration

If you're ready to register your domain name please contact our offices so we can help get the right domain name for you. We'll be able to tell you immediately if the domain name you want is available and give you other options.

Thousands of web domain names are being registered each day. Grab yours now before it's gone! Even if you're not ready to have your web site built, you can leave your domain name "parked" on our servers for as long as you want at no charge.

How much does a domain name cost?
If you plan on hosting your web site with us we will register your domain name free for the first year.

What is a domain name?
It's your 'address' on the World Wide Web, and along with your Web site, serves as your 'online identity,' reflecting your purpose and personality. Want a Web site? Personalized email? How about an easy, affordable way to promote your business, class reunion or favorite hobby? A unique, memorable dot com domain name is the first step to doing all this and more.

Can I use my domain name for email?
Yes. At IMT your receive free email accounts with the registration of your domain name, example:

How many years can I register for?
IMT allows you to register your domain names for a period of 1 to 10 years.

Can I transfer a domain name I already own?
Yes. If you are planning on hosting a site with us we will transfer your domain name and add a 1 year renewal at no charge.
How many words can I use in my domain name?

You can now register domain names that are up to 63 characters. A domain name may contain letters, numbers and hyphens (-). They cannot begin or end with a dash, and no space is allowed before, between, or after your domain. The .com extension is the most sought after.

Should I register more than one domain name?
If you're thinking about registering more than one domain name, you've got the right idea. Registering and using multiple domains names is great for building your business and can help you create a dynamic online identity. It also prevents your competition from registering the .net or .org version of your name.

When you register multiple domain names, you can:

  • Keep your competition from registering a domain name that draws customers to them instead of you.

  • Promote the different products and services you offer.

  • Drive more traffic to your Web site.

  • Enjoy more opportunities to market to--and be listed in--search engines.

  • Create distinct advertising strategies that reach different target markets.

  • Provide customers more ways to find you when searching the Internet.

  • Capture common misspellings of your domain name, instead of sending visitors to an error page.

  • Protect your brand and online identity from those who may have unsavory purposes.

We currently offer these top-level domains:


NOTE: You may have to meet certain requirements in order to use some of these top-level domains. For example, the top-level domain .edu is reserved for educational entities.