Internet Media Technologies Inc.


After years of research and experience developing E-Commerce web sites IMT Inc. has chosen to officially partner with Early Impact, the creators of the ProductCart e-commerce software.

At Early Impact they've been developing shopping cart software for over ten years. ProductCart is the result of this effort. Among the very best ecommerce software you can find, it's successfully powering thousands of Internet stores.

It contains hundreds of smart features, optimized over time based on constant feedback from companies just like yours. It provides intuitive, time-saving management tools that are used every day by store managers. 10 years of continuous development really comes down to this: ProductCart is ecommerce software that simply makes sense.

In addition to all of the features provided by ProductCart, our programmers are certified ProductCart developers.

What does this mean for you? It means that if ProductCart and the add-ons provided by Early Impact don't provide the exact functionality you're looking for that we can simply add your custom functionality to ProductCart for you! No feature is too big or too small. The possibilities are endless!

ProductCart is a terrific fit for almost any e-commerce web site. It's out of the box feature set is quite extensive:

  • Integrated with over 30 real-time payment processing gateways

  • Real-time shipping calculations with UPS & FedEx

  • Affiliate Management

  • Drop-Shipping

  • Seemless integration with your web site

  • Search engine friendliness

  • AJAX-enhanced features

  • Inventory management

  • .. and much, much, more!

In addition to all of the wonderful features included with ProductCart, Early Impact has also released the following add-ons:

  • Build to Order version - This upgraded version of ProductCart is perfect for stores who wish to allow their customers the ability to customize the products and services they are ordering. This is a great solution for computer retailers, catering, printing, consulting services, custom furniture shops, specialty gift baskets, etc. The applications are endless!

  • Apparel Add-On - This add-on provides upgraded features to ProductCart specifically for web sites who wish to sell apparel. The main feature of this add-on is the ability to track inventory for product variations (e.g. color/size combinations).

  • Gift Add-On - Provides upgraded features to ProductCart to allow customers to purchase gift certificates for friends and family, create online gift registries, and purchase gift wrapping services. This add-on is a great way to add more interactivity to your e-commerce web site which in turn will generate more orders!

  • QuickBooks Add-On - Allows web site administrators to easily and quickly export Internet orders and customers to your QuickBooks accounting software! No more dual data entry!

If you are interested in developing an e-commerce web site or integrating ProductCart with your existing web site please contact us.