Internet Media Technologies Inc.


To guarantee that your web site is effective, it must be accessible and stable. It is imperative that your site runs at optimal performance 24/7.

Slow loading pages, broken links, and inaccessible web sites quickly frustrate and discourage customers, costing you both money and credibility.

Internet Media Technologies Inc. provides state of the art hosting services at affordable prices. In addition to our standard hosting packages we also offer custom packages to suit your organization's specific needs.

Examples of custom hosting packages are ones which may include, managing large databases, servers, special technologies, etc. From small sites to large databases we have the expertise to handle all your needs.

Redundant, Best-in-Class Infrastructure - Our data centers maintain multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators, and battery backup. They are built from industry-leading hardware and equipment, ensuring the highest level of performance, reliability, and interoperability.

Below you will find details regarding our hosting facility and servers:

  • Multiple backup generators and facility wide battery backup

  • Fiber entry on two sides of the facility

  • Redundant path fiber to our upstream providers via multiple transport providers

  • Total of 25 gigabit Internet connections

  • Redundant network cores and a total of 30 redundant backbone routers

  • Two network operations centers staffed 24x7x365

  • All servers are backed up nightly

  • All servers are behind firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and denial of service prevention systems

IMT's web site hosting service includes:

  • Email Accounts

  • Monthly Search Engine Registration

  • Traffic Reports (Urchin Software)